SharkTank, Southern California’s top startup competition, is back to attack on Friday at IDSD! Before some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the tech and digital space take the stage in front of leading venture capitalists and angel investors, we figured we’d give you a sneak peek at their stories. If a certain startup sparks your interest, be sure to participate and vote on the day of the event – the winner of $5,000 and the Best Startup award is entirely up to the SharkTank audience. Haven’t registered yet? Get your SharkTank tickets for just $50!


AirPay is a charitable mobile payment app. It enables you to pay with your phone at your favorite places, get instant savings and earn loyalty rewards. 1% of each purchase is donated to a charity of your choice (at no cost to you).


Blurtopia is the free, fun, and simple way to explore and share life’s little questions on the go. Blurtopia is a social network, in which you can give and get instant feedback on the questions, or “Blurts,” that seem to pop up on a daily basis. Feedback is instant, threaded, and conversational and includes a highly active chat system to keep the conversation going.

Chic CEO

Chic CEO believes women should have the business knowledge and support they need right at their polished fingertips. The company was created as a resource for the professional women who aren’t sure how to implement their ideas or are too afraid to take the plunge. At Chic CEO, you’ll find easy to understand, easy to implement business knowledge in its most basic form.


When it comes to planning a vacation or even a few hours of your day, there are many factors to consider, such as opening hours, location of places relative to each other, how much time to spend at each place and when to go there. Citybot’s Itinerary Engine sorts through millions of possible itineraries; taking into account business hours, rating, distances, even Facebook “Likes” and Instagram pictures; and presents the traveler with complete, actionable trips, which they can tune to their liking.

Curvo Labs

Curvo delivers targeted opportunities uniquely matching hospitals and medical device companies; savings for hospitals, sales leads for device companies; hospital supply spend benchmarking and best practices; and big data with big quality.


Dealstruck is a crowdfunding marketplace built to demonstrate lending for small and medium-sized businesses. Its online lending platform lets accredited and institutional investors make secured loans to qualified businesses easily and efficiently. Dealstruck’s business model is to connect individual lenders to borrowers and earn fees for originating and servicing loans. The mission is to transform small business debt into an asset class that is accessible to investors at scale.


DonationMatch is a platform where companies, brands, and nonprofits connect online and efficiently get donated goods and gift certificates promoted at charitable fundraising events. DonationMatch’s mission is to maximize the win-wins of charitable fundraising events in sustainable ways. The company believes sustainability includes not only improving operating efficiencies and reducing ecological impact, but also helping businesses thrive and grow while doing good.


DrivAd has created a nationwide network of engaged consumers (a.k.a. DrivAdvocates™) who promote their favorite companies in exchange for valuable rewards… DrivAd extends far beyond the reach of other traditional forms of outdoor media by bringing advertising messages to the street level. Whether the message is downtown, on crowded highways, in busy commercial districts or driven through suburban communities, DrivAd’s advertising model provides maximum daily exposure.


GoFormz lets you use the forms you already have, complete them electronically on mobile devices and run reports on every piece of information. Less cost, no hassle, no headaches. GoFormz lets you complete and manage your paper forms, without the paper part. You use the forms you and your team are already familiar with. Simply upload them into the editor, help GoFormz understand what information goes where and, in minutes, your forms can be completed electronically by anyone in your organization.

SOCI, Inc.

SOCI is the one-stop social media marketing platform, providing cutting edge promotions, social conversation tools, easy to understand analytics, and customer reporting and management tools to make social media management faster, simpler, efficient, and affordable for brands.


SprinkleBit strives to level the playing field between Wall St. and Main St. By doing so, the company is also dedicated to becoming the premier social investing platform, enabling individuals to optimize their financial investments by providing a community where members can connect, invest, and prosper on the world’s markets with the confidence, security, and enjoyment of community-based investing.


Tryspree is a social product-sampling platform that allows members to try the hottest products, ranging from high-end fragrance and beauty products to magazines and entertainment experiences, for free. As members discover new products and customize their samples; brands can boost social buzz, build recognition, and develop a loyal customer base.


Stars from entertainment and sports, as well as brands, have amassed hundreds of millions of fans on social media. That’s nice, but the existing social platforms weren’t built for star-to-fan interactions. Yapert has carefully validated this problem and is solving it with an interest-based social network that enables unrestricted interactions between stars and their fan and aggregates the hottest social media content.