Dan Alexander, Director of Video Strategy at ValueClick, wanted us to know that, above all else, video is our friend. During his presentation, “Expand Your Digital Video Comfort Zone,” Dan filled us in on why marketers need to embrace digital video (if we haven’t already) and gave us four important questions to ask to make sure ROI is always through the roof.

Dan started with some statistics on the growth of digital video:

• Spending on digital video ad content will increase by 41% in 2013; spending on TV ad content will increase by 28%

• That spending will climb to $8 billion and $73 billion, respectively, in less than three years

• Digital video is the advertising format seeing the most rapid growth, but TV ads are still the most dominant

• 23% of advertisers’ budgets will be allocated to video in 2013. This will increase to 30% by 2015.

He then addressed four questions brands need to ask in order to make a smart video investment and achieve maximum ROI:

1. Can you take my campaign across screens?
2. Do you provide video brand safety across screens?
3. Do you offer data-driven targeting?
4. How do you benchmark video results?

For more stats and an in-depth explanation behind Dan’s four key questions, check out his full presentation here.