During his IDSD session, “The RTB Revolution: What it is and how Agencies and Brands can Master It,” VISISEEK CEO Colin Walsh discussed RTB – that’s real-time bidding – and its enormous potential for brands and publishers moving forward in the digital world. Real-time bidding allows for purchasing and selling online ads in, well, real-time.

Colin opened with some promising stats on RTB. In 2013 alone, related spending is slated to increase by 72%. It accounts for 20% of all display ad spending and 21% of all video ad spending. Although it’s been around since 2007, Colin explained, things really started picking up for RTB in 2009 – within a year, the popular ad exchange DoubleClick saw an 850% increase. Because of its massive uptake, the creative potential of RTB is endless and has become widely adopted by major brands including Volkswagen, Zappos, and Steve Madden shoes. Colin provided examples of brand utilization and presence on leading websites. Colin then dove into a more granular example of how real-time bidding works and what brands can do to get into the game, including working with a DSP, or demand side platform.

To see Colin’s full explanation and learn more about RTBs and DSPs, check out his presentation deck below.